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TARK WEEK: DAY THREE: Danny Tarkanian: Walking Microaggression, HR Liability

Danny Tarkanian is a lot of things: Failed businessman. Professional political punchline. Accused scam artist. But there is one thing that Danny Tarkanian certainly is not: a guy who has ever taken a racial sensitivity course.

Let’s review:

In Danny’s failed 2012 run in the 4th Congressional District, Tarkanian claimed that his African-American opponent, Steven Horsford, was winning because he was ‘pretending to be black.’ Under pressure, he later apologized. But in case you thought he learned his lesson, during his failed 2016 run in the 3rd Congressional District, Tarkanian came under fire again because he blamed ‘the blacks’ for his loss.

Earlier this cycle, during his (soon to be failed) 2018 congressional run, Tarkanian was caught on video mansplaining to a young African-American woman about ‘identity politics’, and later had a meltdown at a fundraiser when asked by an Asian woman whether he planned to employ any one of color on his campaign.

And I know what you are thinking — how does Kanye West factor into this congressional race?! Don’t worry – we’ve got you. In an interview on Kevin Wall, Danny Tarkanian agreed that ‘slavery was a choice.’

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Danny Tarkanian is a walking HR liability – he’s an embarrassment as a candidate, and he’d be an embarrassment in Congress. Nevadans know this – which is why they’ve rejected him six times from elected office.”

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