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In Laughable Op-Ed, Laxalt Praises Kavanaugh for Putting Law Before “Personal Preferences”

Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt is sticking his neck out for yet another one of President Trump’s dangerous nominees. In an op-ed in the DC-based conservative Washington Examiner, Laxalt exalts Judge Brett Kavanaugh for being a U.S. Supreme Court justice who would “follow and apply the law as written, not according to [his] own personal preferences.”

That’s ironic coming from Laxalt, who has repeatedly put his personal preferences first as Nevada’s attorney general — and to no one’s surprise, those preferences have often been aligned with Kavanaugh’s.

  • Over and over again, Laxalt has used his office to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care nationwide despite Nevadans’ having passed a pro-choice statute by over 60 percent. Trump made clear on the campaign trail he wanted anti-choice justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade, and Brett Kavanaugh could make that a reality.
  • In his 2014 campaign for attorney general, Laxalt pledged to “join the fight against Obamacare,” and has stood silently in the face of Trump’s aggressive sabotage of our health care system. Trump asserted that his Supreme Court nominees would “do the right thing” and gut the Affordable Care Act, and Kavanaugh wrote that a future president could refuse to enforce the ACA, even if it had been upheld by the courts.
  • Laxalt has refused to work to enforce a background check expansion law that the people of Nevada decided to pass, yet he says in his op-ed that it’s important that a judge “apply the law and constitution as it was written and decided by the people.”
  • Laxalt has yet to answer for why he’s endorsed a pro-Yucca nominee, despite 75 percent of Nevadans opposing the project. In 2013, Kavanaugh wrote a “strongly worded opinion” against the Obama administration’s attempt to shut down the proposed Yucca site, keeping the door open on turning Nevada into the country’s nuclear waste dumping ground.


Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Laxalt’s promoting a jurist who’d put the will of the people over his personal preferences is a complete and utter joke. Throughout his short tenure as Nevada’s attorney general, Laxalt has used his taxpayer-funded office to wage culture wars that advance his fringe right-wing agenda, while refusing to work on behalf of Nevadans. There’s no doubt why Laxalt wants to see Kavanaugh confirmed — because he’d be an ally in pushing Laxalt’s radical personal priorities.”