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#AskLaxalt Why He Won’t Fight for Nevada’s Working Families

Today, the NV Dems launched a new issue page on AskLaxalt.com, focusing on Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt’s failure to fight for Nevada’s working families. Yesterday marked nine years since the last time federal minimum wage was increased, to $7.25 per hour.

Laxalt opposes the very idea of a minimum wage, lamenting “why in the world government can just force a business to pay more money” and comparing working families’ need for a livable wage to puppies (yes, really). He was aligned with billionaire special interests in opposing President Obama’s overtime rule, suing to deny a raise to 31,000 Nevadans. He also secretly signed onto a U.S. Supreme Court case against overtime for 2 million home health care workers.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt has always sided with wealthy corporations over everyday Nevada families. As working Nevadans struggle to make ends meet and save for the future, Laxalt is focused on lining the pockets of his mega-wealthy donors. In return for pushing their anti-worker policies, these special interests have rewarded Laxalt with piles of campaign cash. That’s why Laxalt’s bottom line will always be what’s best for himself, not for Nevada families.”

The NV Dems launched AskLaxalt.com to reveal Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt’s dodges and radical views on a range of key issues. Each week, a new issue page will be rolled out to remind Nevadans just how out of step Laxalt is on issues that matter to them.