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Weekend Recap: Laxalt Snubbed Again by Gov. Sandoval — Not Once, But Twice

In a weekend full of embarrassing moments for Republican gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt, outgoing Governor Brian Sandoval shut down any chances of endorsing his fellow Republican — not once, but twice.

On Friday, a spokesperson for the term-limited governor told the Las Vegas Review-Journal Sandoval is “not currently planning to be involved” in the race for his own replacement, after declining to comment on whom Sandoval voted for in the Republican gubernatorial primary.


And while in Santa Fe, NM over the weekend for a National Governors Association conference, Sandoval told the New York Times he “won’t support a candidate that is going to undo anything that I put forward” — referring to his legacy education investment that Laxalt has vowed to repeal.

Questions surrounding whether Sandoval will endorse his fellow Republican have plagued Laxalt throughout his gubernatorial bid. Shortly before Laxalt formally announced his candidacy, Sandoval said Laxalt hadn’t consulted with him at all. In December, Sandoval declined to back his fellow Republican over strong disagreements on public school funding. Laxalt told the Review-Journal in February that he “plan[s] to ask” for Sandoval’s endorsement, but just over 100 days later, Sandoval told a reporter he hadn’t spoken with Laxalt at all about the race, and on whether he’d endorse any candidate — “we’ll see.”

Sandoval’s hold-out is no surprise given the two Republicans’ deep rifts on everything from education, to health care, to the environment. With less than 100 days until voting begins for the general election, Sandoval’s refusal to support his party’s nominee for governor shows just how dangerous a right-wing extremist like Laxalt would be for Nevada.