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This Is the Supreme Court Nominee Heller Has “No Reservations” About Supporting

Sen. Dean Heller met briefly with President Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court in Washington last week – and announced immediately afterward that he has “no reservations in confidently supporting Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

Here’s a look at the Supreme Court nominee who Sen. Heller doesn’t have a single reservation about voting to confirm:

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“If Sen. Heller has zero reservations about confirming Judge Kavanaugh, then he clearly never had any intention of being an independent voice for Nevadans on this Supreme Court nomination. Sen. Heller announced his blanket support for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation despite heaps of evidence that he will be a threat to Nevada families on key issues, from women’s reproductive rights to health care access to consumer protection. This rushed rubber stamp is proof that Sen. Heller isn’t doing his job and has once again let Nevadans down.”