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Will Laxalt Oppose Yucca Mountain, or Trump’s Pro-Yucca Supreme Court Pick?

With 75 percent of Nevadans opposing a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Adam Laxalt’s support of a pro-Yucca U.S. Supreme Court nominee shows once again just how out of step the Republican gubernatorial hopeful is with voters. And today, Laxalt doubled down by naming ex-governor Robert List, who worked for the industry pushing to turn Yucca into a nuclear waste dump, as one of his “statewide campaign chairs.”

In 2013, Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrote a “strongly worded opinion” against the Obama administration’s attempt to shut down the proposed Yucca site, keeping the door open on turning Nevada into the country’s nuclear waste dumping ground. Despite this, Laxalt gave a full-throated endorsement of Kavanaugh to the high court. With the potential for the Supreme Court to decide the fate of the project, is Laxalt willing to stand up to Trump for once and rescind his support for Kavanaugh?

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt would let Trump turn Nevada into a toxic nuclear waste dump if it meant more joyrides in his motorcade. Laxalt’s threat to sue the Trump administration over Yucca Mountain is nothing more than empty rhetoric if he supports Trump’s pro-Yucca nominee for the Supreme Court. Laxalt can’t have it both ways — will he oppose Yucca Mountain or will he oppose Trump’s Supreme Court pick?”