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Why Did Heller Vote Against Limiting Trump’s Unilateral Authority on Tariffs?

Today, 88 Senators—Republicans and Democrats—voted in support of a measure to rebuke President Trump’s reckless tariff policies that are threatening to start a trade war and ensure Congress has a role in the process of imposing tariffs on other countries. One of the 11 head-scratching ‘no’ votes was Nevada Sen. Dean Heller.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Is Sen. Heller so spineless and so afraid to cross President Trump that he wants the White House to keep having unilateral authority to move forward with these reckless tariff policies? Inciting a trade war will hurt Nevada. Nevadans deserve a senator who will always put the economic security of our state and our hardworking families first. Given his voting record of being a rubber stamp for the White House, Sen. Heller’s latest political maneuvering to appeal to President Trump is pathetic but not surprising.”