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Will Laxalt Fight to Keep Families Together?

Yesterday, the Las Vegas Sun reported that Republican attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt was reviewing a multi-state lawsuit, which he has so far refused to join, challenging the Trump administration’s family separation policy. Laxalt refused to tell the Sun how long it would take his office to review the lawsuit and if he would issue an opinion about it at all.

Laxalt was not among the initial 18 state attorneys general to file the suit over a week ago. His excuse? His office wasn’t asked to join the lawsuit. But Laxalt didn’t feel the need to wait for an invitation when, less than a month after taking office in 2015, he joined a lawsuit to challenge Pres. Obama’s executive action on immigration, breaking with Gov. Sandoval in the process.

But instead of challenging this president on the mess he created and then made worse by issuing an executive order to indefinitely detain families, Laxalt has punted to Congress and refused to acknowledge that the family separation policy was Trump’s decision.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“A real leader doesn’t wait around to be asked to stand up to such a cruel and inhumane policy as Trump’s family separations. Laxalt didn’t hesitate to sue the Obama administration over a policy that would keep families together, but he’s dragging his feet to stop Trump from ripping children from their parents’ arms. Families can’t afford to wait around while Laxalt decides to grow a backbone and fight for them. Laxalt owes Nevadans an answer now about whether he’ll side with families or continue siding with Trump.”