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#AskLaxalt Why He’s Failed to Fight for Nevada’s Marijuana Industry

Today, the NV Dems launched a new issue page on AskLaxalt.com, focusing on Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt’s failure to defend Nevada’s legal, voter-approved marijuana industry. Legal sales of recreational marijuana began in Nevada on July 1, 2017.

Laxalt’s refusal to stand up for Nevada’s pot industry could have something to do with the fact that his biggest donor, Sheldon Adelson, “essentially self-funded the fight” against the 2016 ballot measure voters passed by nine percent. He was the only attorney general from a state with legal marijuana not to sign onto a bipartisan letter to Congress asking for a fix to allow pot businesses to bank. When the Trump administration threatened to squash Nevada’s billion dollar marijuana industry, Laxalt stood idly by despite “conspicuously [fighting] against what he called federal overreach during the Obama Administration.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“After a full year of legal marijuana sales, Adam Laxalt has all but abandoned Nevada’s voter-approved marijuana industry. He has shunned every opportunity to defend the will of the voters and to protect a job-creating sector that has brought the state over $50 million to fund things like much-needed improvements to our public school system. Laxalt’s failure to fight for Nevada’s legal marijuana industry is yet another example of the attorney general putting special interests over Nevadans’ interests.”

The NV Dems launched AskLaxalt.com to reveal Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt’s dodges and radical views on a range of key issues. Each week, a new issue page will be rolled out to remind Nevadans just how out of step Laxalt is on issues that matter to them.