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One Year Ago Today: Heller Folds to Trump Pressure, Returns to the Negotiating Table on Health Care Repeal

One year ago today, following days of political threats and pressure from President Trump, Sen. Dean Heller “decided to come back to the table” on the GOP’s health care repeal effort in the Senate and began reversing his position on health care. Just days before, Heller had stood side by side with Gov. Brian Sandoval and promised to protect Nevadans’ health care.

The Nevada Independent: Pro-Trump group pulls ads against Dean Heller over health care bill, says he’s ‘back to the table’

A political nonprofit linked to President Donald Trump says it’s withdrawing a planned $1 million ad blitz against Republican Sen. Dean Heller, saying they were pleased he “decided to come back to the table” after coming out against the Senate bill replacing the Affordable Care Act.

America First Policies — which is run by a group of former Trump campaign staff — backed down from an aggressive campaign against Heller, who alongside Gov. Brian Sandoval on Friday said he couldn’t support the Senate version of a bill that would substantially alter the federal health insurance law.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“One year ago today, Sen. Heller caved to pressure from President Trump and came back to the negotiating table to support his party’s reckless agenda to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, jeopardize access to health care, and increase costs for hardworking Nevadans. Nevadans should have been able to trust Sen. Heller to have a spine and protect their health care, but instead he buckled to the whims of his party leaders.”