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#AskLaxalt if He’s Really Investigating Sheriff Antinoro

Today, the NV Dems launched a new issue page on AskLaxalt.com, focusing on Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt’s sham investigation into rampant allegations of misconduct, including sexual abuse, by his campaign endorser, Storey Co. Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, an alleged rapist.

Almost a month ago, Laxalt told Las Vegas’ 8 News Now that his office was investigating Antinoro when pressed about his continued acceptance of Antinoro’s endorsement. Laxalt said rejecting the endorsement would “prejudge” his office’s investigation, even though he was scheduled to campaign with Antinoro that weekend.

But a top investigator in the attorney general’s office told a lawyer for a developer who asked Laxalt to investigate Antinoro that allegations against the sheriff are outside the statute of limitations, and told a tribal police chief that the office would not be opening an investigation.

Laxalt accepted and continues to tout Antinoro’s endorsement despite the fact that his shocking record of misconduct has been public knowledge since at least 2016, when citizens successfully petitioned to recall him over his demonstrated pattern of sexual predation and unethical conduct, including findings from an independent investigation that concluded he sexually harassed his employee and “numerous….more than 10” acts of misconduct against subordinates.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“It’s been almost a month since Adam Laxalt said his office is investigating Sheriff Antinoro, yet mounting evidence suggests Laxalt’s claim was nothing more than a deceitful dodge to avoid renouncing Antinoro’s endorsement. Laxalt owes Nevadans the truth about whether he’s actually pursuing justice for Antinoro’s many victims, or if this phony investigation is just a smokescreen to hide Laxalt’s continued protection of a sexual predator.”

The NV Dems launched AskLaxalt.com to reveal Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt’s dodges and radical views on a range of key issues. Each week, a new issue page will be rolled out to remind Nevadans just how out of step Laxalt is on issues that matter to them.