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ROUNDUP: Dems Fired Up to Turn Nevada Blue at 2018 Convention

Democrats from across Nevada gathered in Reno last weekend to hear from candidates up and down the 2018 ticket, U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, and keynote speaker U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and to commit to turning out voters to elect Democrats and turn Nevada blue in November. At the convention, delegates also adopted the 2018 state party platform and elected members of the 2018 executive board.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“At our state convention, we showed the nation that Nevada Democrats have the energy and enthusiasm behind us, that we’re excited about our ticket and our message, and that we’re ready to do the critical work on the ground to turn out our voters in November.

“All eyes are on Nevada this election year because we have so much at stake. It’s no secret that the road to a Democratic majority in Congress runs through the Silver State, and Jacky Rosen is Democrats’ best bet to retake the Senate. We have the chance to elect our first Democratic governor in 20 years in Steve Sisolak, flip all our constitutional offices, and make history with the first majority-female state legislature in the country. Nevada was a bright spot for Democrats in 2016, and we’ve got our eyes set on victory for Democrats up and down our ticket once again this year. Nevada’s working families are depending on us, and we won’t let them down.”




Associated Press: GOP Sen. Heller’s Seat Key at Nevada Democratic Convention

The Nevada Democrat trying to unseat Republican Sen. Dean Heller kicked off her state party’s convention Saturday with an attack on his wavering positions on immigration, health care and Planned Parenthood.

Rep. Jacky Rosen told hundreds of sign-waving delegates at a Reno hotel-casino that Heller has turned his back on working-class Nevadans. He tells one thing, then votes lock-step with President Donald Trump.


New York Times: Elizabeth Warren Condemned Trump in Reno. He Answered in Las Vegas With a Slur.

Ms. Warren mapped her own Nevada visit — a swing through Reno and the Las Vegas suburbs — in part to help Mr. Heller’s challenger, Representative Jacky Rosen, and had planned it well before Mr. Trump revealed that he would be in town.

Yet 2020 hung over the day from the outset: Ms. Warren, addressing a convention of the Nevada Democratic Party in Reno, thundered against Mr. Trump’s administration, bringing a crowd to its feet with exhortations to take on corporate special interests and “drive Donald Trump and his enablers out of power.” In a call to elect more women to high office, Ms. Warren tucked in an oratorical wink to the crowd: One of those offices, she said, was “that really nice, oval-shaped room at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”


Politico: Trump-Warren split-screen offers sneak peek at 2020 campaign

Here, in front of a raucous crowd Saturday at the Nevada Democratic Party’s state convention, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts unloaded on a president she said stands for “hatefulness, ugliness and cruelty.”


But Democrats here in Reno saw the border controversy as rocket fuel for their efforts to register and turn out Latino voters in the hopes of ousting Republican Sen. Dean Heller in 2018 — and putting the state out of reach for Trump in 2020.

In recent months, Democrats and left-leaning groups have earmarked millions of dollars toward those initiatives in Nevada, seeking to replicate an effort that helped lift Democrats to sweeping victories here in 2016, while relentlessly yoking the state’s Republicans to Trump.


Reno Gazette-Journal: In Reno speech, Sen. Elizabeth Warren says Democrats must ‘clean up’ after Trump

Democrats need Nevada to retake Congress, solidify the party’s hold on the state Legislature, and “clean up” after President Donald Trump, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., told a Reno audience on Saturday.

That line was just one of nearly a dozen ovation-winners Warren delivered in a rousing speech to several hundred party delegates, politicians and activists gathered for the state Democratic party convention at the Grand Sierra Resort.


Las Vegas Review-Journal: In Nevada, Elizabeth Warren promises to ‘fight back’ Trump

Firebrand Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren rallied the Democratic party troops Saturday, promising to “fight back” against President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress.

Warren, considered to be one of the top potential Democratic president candidates for 2020, was in Reno to give the keynote speech at the Democratic State Party Convention at the Grand Sierra Resort.


Warren hyped up the Democrats running up and down the Nevada ballot by hammering away at Heller for waffling on the Affordable Care Act, promising to fight for a government “where we the people are in control,” and drew roars from the crowd when talking about expanding voting participation, getting money out of politics by overturning Citizens United and noting that Nevada has the opportunity to have the nation’s first female-majority state Legislature.


Las Vegas Sun: State Democrats meet in Reno while Trump rallies with GOP

Nevada Democrats Chairman William McCurdy II said Warren knows how important Nevada is in the 2018 election.

“You were the bright spot in 2016,” Warren told the audience.

She spoke against Trump’s immigration policies, in favor of unions and drew one of several standing ovations when she said she believes in science.


The Nevada Independent: In Reno, Warren slams Trump, calls on Democrats to vote for Rosen, Sisolak

Offering a strong moral and populist rebuke of the Trump administration, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren urged Democrats to turn out in November in a keynote speech at the state Democratic Party Convention in Reno Saturday morning. Warren, a potential candidate for president in 2020, turned the crowd electric railing around the “cesspool” she said that has developed in Washington, D.C., co-opting Trump’s language of the Capitol as a swamp.

“I don’t just want a party strong enough to drive Donald Trump and his enablers out of power.  I want a party strong enough to take on the hard job of cleaning up the mess they’ll leave behind once they are gone,” Warren told the crowd. “Even when we stop the most corrupt Trump practices, even then, this will still be a country where too many people are getting rolled over by an economy —and a government — that’s only working for the rich guys.”


KTVN 2 News: Democrats Vow to ‘Fight Back’ in Midterm Election [VIDEO]

Democrats gathered at the Grand Sierra Resort, Saturday, for the 2018 Nevada State Democratic Party Convention. Speakers included democratic candidates for Nevada’s constitutional offices and federal seats. Senator Elizabeth Warren headlined the event saying democrats are coming for a fight in November.

“I’m sick of the mess Donald Trump and the republicans have made of this country, but hear me on this,” Warren, D-Massachusetts said. “I’m not here to whimper. I’m not here to whine. I’m here to fight back.”




KOLO 8 News Now [VIDEO]


KNVC 95.1 FM: Carson City Democrats rally at state convention

Reno – Roughly 1,200 delegates and guests attended opening speeches of the 2018 Nevada Democratic Party State Convention held at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno this Saturday morning, and a small contingent from Carson City was on the floor.  Cedric Anthony Williams is Chairman of the Carson City Democrats and a member of the state Democratic Central Committee. Mr. Williams took a few moments to speak with me about the convention and mid-term elections.

When asked why he was at the convention, Williams said there is a movement going on in the Democratic Party.

“Due to what happened at the last presidential election, we need to have our voices recognized.  We need to mobilize. We need to be up front and center. We need to be heard,” said Williams. “We need to change things as they stand right now, and being here allows me the opportunity to make that change.”