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Laxalt Joined Lawsuit to Allow Koch Network to Hide Dark Money Donors

Today, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Republican attorney general and gubernatorial hopeful Adam Laxalt secretly added Nevada to a California lawsuit last year in support of allowing Koch network super-PAC Americans for Prosperity (AFP) to hide the identities of their top donors. The case will be heard today in the Ninth Circuit Court.

In April, AFP president Tim Phillips visited Nevada to tout AFP’s support of Laxalt, whom he views as a “champion” of the Koch agenda. Phillips told a conservative columnist at the Review-Journal that the organization had already spent millions in Nevada in an “across the board effort” to elect Laxalt, one of their top five gubernatorial candidates nationwide. This investment came on top of a million dollar ad buy from another Koch-funded super PAC, Freedom Partners, on behalf of Laxalt last year.

Laxalt spent a late January weekend at a “restful sanctuary” in California courting 550 of his closest pals from the Koch network of conservative mega-donors to secure unprecedented piles of cash for his gubernatorial bid. In return for his loyalty to the Koch agenda, the special interest network named him a “rising star” at the retreat.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“It’s disgusting but not surprising that Adam Laxalt used taxpayer-funded resources to do the Kochs’ dirty work of concealing their dark money donors. Nevadans gain absolutely nothing from Laxalt’s joining an out-of-state legal battle on behalf of his puppeteers. Instead, Laxalt’s most recent action is just one more example of how the attorney general is bought-and-paid-for by moneyed special interests like the Koch network and Sheldon Adelson and uses his office to do their bidding. Laxalt has already sold the state’s top law enforcement office to the highest bidders, and Nevadans won’t let him do the same to the governor’s mansion.”