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Three Things Laxalt Should Do to Stand Up for Nevadans when Trump Visits

Tomorrow at the Nevada Republican Party’s state convention, Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt will spend the day with Pres. Trump, who recently “strongly endorse[d]” Laxalt’s campaign. With Trump in Las Vegas just days after falsely claiming he couldn’t end his own family separation policy, Laxalt, who aided Trump’s cruel and inhumane policy by blaming Congress instead of Trump and who has “endorsed the Trump administration’s hard-line approach to immigration,” has a chance to finally stand up for Nevada. Here are three things Laxalt should do while Trump is in the Silver State tomorrow:

  1. Demand Trump immediately end the policy of indefinitely detaining families, which he issued by a likely illegal executive order this week.

  2. Tell Trump that his plan to take away health care for pre-existing conditions would devastate Nevada families, like Gov. Brian Sandoval has said, and threaten to sue the Trump administration if it it takes any action to sabotage Nevada’s health care system, including expanded Medicaid.

  3. Stand with the nearly one-third of Nevadans who are first-or second-generation immigrants and finally condemn Trump’s racial slurs. Laxalt was silent during Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim travel bans and never denounced Trump’s attacks on Latino and Muslim communities during the presidential campaign. Just this week, Trump said he was “100 percent right” when he said Mexican immigrants were mostly rapists and drug dealers.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt has a choice: stand up for Nevadans or pander to Trump’s dangerous agenda and harmful rhetoric. After Laxalt has failed time and again to take a stand against the Trump administration, Nevadans have little confidence that he will show some backbone now. Nevadans want a governor who will always put them first, but Laxalt has already demonstrated that partisanship is his priority.”