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Heller Cashes In on Breaking His Promise to Protect Nevadans’ Health Care

Tomorrow, President Trump will host a high-dollar fundraiser for Sen. Dean Heller in Las Vegas. Ticket prices for couples range from $15,000 for a photo reception to $50,000 to attend a “private roundtable.” Tomorrow is also a special anniversary for Heller—it will mark the one-year anniversary of Heller’s press conference standing next to Gov. Brian Sandoval and promising to oppose the Republican health care agenda threatening health care for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans.

After weeks of pressure from campaign donors and party leaders, including a public taunting from President Trump, Heller ultimately caved and voted for repealing the Affordable Care Act. Tomorrow, Heller cashes in on his broken promise.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“This ritzy fundraiser starring Donald Trump tells Nevadans everything they need to know about why Dean Heller doesn’t deserve re-election. Heller sold out our state and jeopardized access to health care for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans last year — all so he could stay in Trump’s good graces. When Heller broke his promise to protect our health care, it sent a clear message to his constituents that he will do or say anything to line his campaign coffers, and voters will make sure he’s out of a job come November.”