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After Rejecting Trump’s Campaign Contribution Because of Trump’s Offensive Immigration Rhetoric, Heller Is Now Welcoming Trump to Nevada for a Fundraiser

Republican Sen. Dean Heller was so offended by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric in July 2015 that he publicly got rid of a $2,000 campaign contribution from Trump, giving the money to a local charity. Nearly three years later, Heller is now welcoming President Donald Trump to Nevada for a political fundraiser for his re-election campaign—in the middle of more deeply offensive immigration comments and an immigration crisis caused by the Trump Administration that has ripped families apart at the border.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Sen. Heller has no core values, and his only guiding principle is political expediency. If you’re wondering why Nevadans view Sen. Heller as a self-interested politician who can’t be trusted, look no further than how he flip-flopped from publicly rejecting Donald Trump’s campaign contribution to literally hosting a political fundraiser benefiting his re-election campaign with President Trump.”

Washington Examiner: Dean Heller gives Donald Trump contributions to charity

  • Sen. Dean Heller said Wednesday that he has given campaign contributions previously received from Donald Trump to charity in response to controversial statements the Republican presidential candidate made about illegal Mexican immigrants.

  • Heller said Trump’s comments were “absolutely wrong, and I dismiss them. I’ve already taken my campaign contributions from Trump that he has given me and already given it to nonprofit organizations. So, that’s how strongly I feel that his comments were wrong. The way he said it was not a reflection, by any means, of how I feel about immigration reform.”

  • Heller said it was important for Republicans to respond to Trump’s rhetoric, particularly those seeking the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, given the potential political impact on the party. “I don’t usually respond to candidates’ comments, but this one has taken kind of its own direction, and I think every candidate, now, does have to respond,” he said.