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Nevadans Deserve to Know: Is Heller Supporting Graham-Cassidy-Heller 2.0?

Graham-Cassidy-Heller is back from the dead. A conservative policy group has been working with Senate Republicans on a new proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act that “recycles some of the worst elements” of the disastrous plan Heller helped introduce and tried to ram through Congress last year. Their goal is to pass this new Republican repeal plan in August.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Will Dean Heller support Graham-Cassidy-Heller 2.0? We already know that when push comes to shove, Nevadans can’t trust Dean Heller to protect their health care – he’s caved to pressure from his billionaire donors and party leaders in the past. If Sen. Heller is willing to toe the party line again by supporting this latest radical repeal plan, it will be further confirmation that he doesn’t deserve re-election.”

Here’s a refresher on how Graham-Cassidy-Heller 1.0 would have harmed Nevada:

  • 243,000: The number of Nevadans who would likely lose their health insurance in the next decade.

  • $2.7 billion: The amount of federal health care funding Nevada would lose through 2027.

  • 20%: Average increase in individual market premiums.

  • $11,018: The potential increase in premiums a 60-year old in Nevada making $25,000 in 2020 would face.