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Heller Gets Fundraising Payoff from Trump for Caving on Health Care


Axios: “Republicans Keep Telling Me Sen. Dean Heller Of Nevada, A Third Apparent ‘Nay,’ Will Be ‘Bought Off.’” “With Republicans able to lose only two senators (Vice President Pence then breaks the tie), Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky remain hard ‘no’s. Republicans keep telling me Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, a third apparent ‘nay,’ will be ‘bought off.’” [7/14/17]

New York Magazine: “Republicans Confident Senator Dean Heller Will Be ‘Bought Off,’ Pass Trumpcare.” [7/14/17]


Las Vegas Review-Journal: Trump expected to attend Las Vegas fundraiser for Heller

President Donald Trump is expected to appear at a fundraising event Saturday in Las Vegas for Republican Sen. Dean Heller.

An invitation, from the National Senate Republican Committee and Nevada Republican Party, says the time and venue for the event will be announced later. It lists a $50,000 contribution per couple to attend a private roundtable and separate private photo reception with Trump, while the photo reception alone is listed at $15,000 per couple.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“It’s been almost a year since Sen. Dean Heller broke his promise to protect Nevadans’ health care and allowed his vote to be bought off by Republicans in Washington, and he’s still reaping the self-serving rewards of caving to the GOP’s harmful agenda. Sen. Heller voted with President Trump 96 percent of the time last year, and this is the payoff for his unwavering partisan loyalty. When President Trump arrives for his high-priced fundraiser for Sen. Heller this weekend, it will be another powerful reminder that we can’t trust our senator to be an independent voice standing up for Nevada’s hardworking families.”