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Brutal New Video Exposes Laxalt’s Lies on Anti-Choice Agenda

New raw footage from KOLO’s Terri Russell’s interview with Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt removes any doubt about Laxalt’s answer that he is going to “look into” pushing to overturn a 1990 law that voters passed three-to-one to protect Nevada women’s right to choose.

Yesterday, Laxalt’s campaign went into total damage control after this devastating interview, suggesting first that Laxalt couldn’t understand the question that the KOLO reporter “shouted over a loud, cheering crowd.” Hours later, his campaign issued a statement saying Laxalt’s comment was “taken out of context.”

This new, unedited video shows without question that Laxalt said he’s “going to look into” proposing a referendum to change Nevada’s choice law. It also seems to indicate that Laxalt doesn’t know what Nevada’s current abortion law is and isn’t quite sure which amicus briefs he’s adding Nevada to using his taxpayer-funded office.


KOLO: You have filed two amicus briefs in the last five months, one circuit court, Third Circuit — Fifth Circuit — court outlawing second trimester abortions for Texas, and the other one asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the certain rules that California has on pregnancy centers. You filed amicus briefs on those?

Laxalt: Okay.

KOLO: Is that true? That’s right isn’t it?

Laxalt: I think it’s correct.

KOLO: Okay, are you familiar with the voter referendum Question 7 in 1990? Passed three to one that freezes the abortion laws here in Nevada? So my question is what dog — you filed it on behalf of Nevada, but Nevada really doesn’t have a dog in the fight, does it?

Laxalt: We are going to have many months to talk about this. The bottom line is my opponents have been very clear in the last many months they are incredibly extreme on abortion. We are going to have plenty of time to have that debate. But, you know, I’m gonna err on the side of life, and I’m somebody that was fortunately brought into this world by that choice. But, you know, we’re gonna look for common sense things if we do anything.

KOLO: You can’t change it without a vote of the people.

Laxalt: We’re happy to talk about that in the coming months.

KOLO: Are you planning on doing that as governor? Would you propose a referendum for voters to vote on that? Cause that’s how it has to change in Nevada.

Laxalt: We’re gonna look into it.