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MEMO: Primary Election Results Show Nevada Democrats’ Strength Heading Into 2018 General Election


To: Interested parties
From: Alana Mounce, NV Dems executive director
Date: Thursday, June 14, 2018
Subject: Primary Election Results Show Nevada Democrats’ Strength Heading Into 2018 General Election

Nevada Democrats are entering the general election with the wind at our backs. After posting historic early vote numbers and nominating strong Democratic candidates in every major race, we are poised to deliver the votes from across Nevada needed to elect our ticket and turn our state blue in November.

Nevada Democrats are known for our organizing power — in 2016, we elected Catherine Cortez Masto to the U.S. Senate, flipped two Republican-held U.S. House seats, and reclaimed the state legislature.This year, our field program is even more efficient, and we continue to outpace Republicans in voter registration gains in recent months. Our voter registration advantage has been steadily growing to nearly 63,000 active voters, something that scares Sen. Dean Heller, who is counting on Nevadans staying home in November to win re-election. But based on Democrats’ strong showing during the primary, it’s clear that Nevadans are more motivated than ever to make their voices heard in the midterms.

“Democrats’ strong turnout in the primary election shows we have the candidates and the message to win this November,” said Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.  “We will register more voters, organize in all communities across the state and turn Nevadans out to the polls in November.”

Democrats Dominated Early Vote and Surpassed Previous Turnout

  • Democrats beat Republicans by six percent in total in-person early vote ballots cast.
  • Thirteen percent more Democrats voted early in person than Republicans.
  • Democratic in-person early vote turnout in Clark County was more than double 2014 turnout, and more than a third higher than in 2016.
  • In 15 of the 17 Nevada counties, more Democrats voted early in person in 2018 than 2014.
  • Roughly one-third of all 2018 Democratic in-person early voters did not cast a ballot in any of the last three primary elections.


Democrats Are Excited About Our Candidates

  • More Democrats voted than Republicans in every statewide race and in both of Nevada’s open Congressional districts.
  • The Democratic primary winners for statewide constitutional offices received over 13,000 more votes than the Republican primary winners for the same offices.
  • Nearly every single caucus-endorsed candidate for State Assembly and State Senate won his or her primary.


Democrats Got More Votes than Republicans Up and Down the Ballot

  • Jacky Rosen received over 10,000 more votes than incumbent Dean Heller — and a higher percentage of the primary vote — indicating Nevadans are ready for new representation in the U.S. Senate.
  • Democrat Kate Marshall got over 30,000 more votes than her Republican opponent for lieutenant governor, Michael Roberson, who failed to earn a majority of votes in his primary.
  • Democratic attorney general nominee Aaron Ford received over 12,000 more votes than his Republican opponent, Wes Duncan.
  • In NV-03, Susie Lee cruised to victory with nearly 70 percent of the vote, while Danny Tarkanian barely crawled over the finish line with 44 percent.
  • In NV-04, Steven Horsford took over 60 percent of the vote, while Cresent Hardy couldn’t even get a majority in what was not supposed to be a competitive GOP primary.


The Bottom Line

Democrats have the clear advantage heading into the general election, emerging from the primary with a strong, diverse ticket and enthusiasm from voters to elect our candidates and turn Nevada blue.