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Laxalt Says He’ll “Look Into” Restricting Nevada Women’s Right to Choose

Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt told Reno’s KOLO that he would “look into” rolling back access to abortion in Nevada, despite an existing law that Nevadans passed in the 1990’s by over 60 percent guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose.

In last night’s story, airing the day after the primary, Laxalt told KOLO’s Terri Russell he would “err on the side of life” when it comes to women’s right to choose. Laxalt had so far refused to say whether he’d support various restrictions on safe and legal abortion. But when Russell pressed him on the legal actions he’s taken on behalf of the state to restrict the right to choose nationwide and his intentions to continue his anti-choice crusade if elected governor, Laxalt betrayed his true objective: to take away Nevada women’s reproductive rights.

WATCH: Adam Laxalt says he’ll “look into” overturning Nevada law that protects women’s right to choose.

KOLO also notes Laxalt’s efforts to hide his anti-choice legal actions from the public, observing that while his office “sends out releases frequently concerning his legal actions and lawsuits on behalf of Nevada….no press release was issued announcing his information, expertise or insight in these anti-abortion cases.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt just erased any possible doubt of his ultimate goal — taking away Nevada women’s right to make their own health care decisions. Laxalt is so extreme and out of touch that he would undo current law to replace it with his right-wing, anti-choice views. The last thing Nevada women need is a radical in the governor’s mansion, pushing a fringe agenda to strip them of their reproductive rights.”


KOLO: Nevada really doesn’t have a dog in the fight, does it?

Laxalt: We are going to have many months to talk about this. The bottom line is my opponents have been very clear in the last many months they are incredibly extreme on abortion. We are going to have plenty of time to have that debate.

KOLO: You can’t change it without a vote of the people.

Laxalt: We’re happy to talk about that in the coming months.

KOLO: Are you planning on doing that as governor? Would you propose a referendum for voters to vote on that? Cause that’s how it has to change in Nevada.

Laxalt: We’re gonna look into it.