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Laxalt Lies Again, But We Have the Tape

Adam Laxalt can’t get his story straight about why he said he would “look into” rolling back Nevada women’s access to abortion. First, his campaign manager suggested Laxalt couldn’t understand the question that the KOLO reporter “shouted over a loud, cheering crowd.” Now, his campaign is out with a statement saying Laxalt’s comment was “taken out of context.”

Let’s roll the tape, shall we?

[2:53] KOLO: You can’t change [Nevada law guaranteeing access to abortion] without a vote of the people.

Laxalt: We’re happy to talk about that in the coming months.

KOLO: Are you planning on doing that as governor? Would you propose a referendum for voters to vote on that? Cause that’s how it has to change in Nevada.

Laxalt: We’re gonna look into it.

But we don’t need to take Laxalt’s word for it to know just how much he wants to restrict women’s access to choose. His legal actions as attorney general on behalf of the state speak volumes:

  • Laxalt joined an amicus brief for a U.S. Supreme Court case on a California law in support of allowing so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” to deceive and intimidate women in order to coercively dissuade them from exercising their right to choose.
  • Laxalt signed onto another amicus brief defending a Texas law ruled unconstitutional that would ban the most common second trimester abortion method. The brief argued that “States may pass legislation that shows the State’s profound respect for….life….at all stages of gestation,” revealing Laxalt’s true intentions of passing state laws to undermine legal abortion.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Who are Nevada women supposed to believe — Adam Laxalt or their own eyes and ears? Since Laxalt’s team can’t get their story straight, here’s the bottom line: Laxalt’s anti-choice record as attorney general speaks for itself. He can’t lie his way out of this one.”