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NV Dems Chairman: Nevadans Will Reject Toxic Republican Ticket in November

Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II issued the following statement on the disastrous 2018 Nevada Republican ticket.

“Nevada Republicans are heading into the general election with a toxic slate of candidates and zero record of accomplishment for the hardworking families of our state. When we remember that Nevada Republicans have given a platform to multiple racist, convicted criminals this election cycle, it’s no surprise that their candidates are just as out of touch with Nevada values.

“Dean Heller is the most vulnerable Senator in the country because he’s a spineless politician who’s proven time and time again he can’t be trusted, including breaking his promise to protect our health care. Nevadans are sick and tired of their self-serving senator and are ready to vote him out in November.

“Special interest puppet Adam Laxalt is a right-wing ideologue who’s out of touch with Nevadans and puts what’s best for his deep-pocketed donors ahead of what’s best for the state. He would drag Nevada in the wrong direction with his extreme agenda, and letting him near the governor’s mansion would prove disastrous.

“In our competitive Congressional districts, perennial losing candidate Danny Tarkanian can’t escape controversy surrounding his shady business dealings, and hiding Cresent Hardy is too afraid to face voters of his district because he knows he doesn’t represent their values.

“Democrats have a prime opportunity to flip our constitutional offices running against these Republican candidates. Michael Roberson flushed taxpayer money down the toilet in his partisan recall of three state senators. Wes Duncan continues to protect a sexual predator who’s endorsed his campaign and whom he failed to investigate when he was first assistant attorney general. Barbara Cegavske has allowed scammers to defraud Nevada small businesses under her watch as secretary of state. Bob Beers is a career politician who looks out for himself first, and Ron Knecht is bent on cutting funding for our public schools and will belittle and insult anyone who disagrees with him.

“With this cast of characters on the ballot, Nevada Republicans are sure to fall short in November. Whereas Democrats are fighting for issues that matter to working families, these Republicans only look out for themselves. Nevada voters will make their voices heard at the ballot box this November, and will reject this out-of-touch slate of Republicans.”