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NV Dems Chairman on Governor’s Race Primary

Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II released the following statement on the results of the primary elections for governor, a top four Democratic pickup opportunity.

“Congratulations to our nominee, Steve Sisolak, and thank you to Chris Giunchigliani for running a strong campaign focused on the issues. Nevada Democrats are ready to work together to send Steve to Carson City in November so we can continue fighting for issues that matter to working families, like access to health care, quality schools, better wages, and equal opportunity for all Nevadans.

“We know Nevada would be dragged in the wrong direction with a right-wing ideologue like Adam Laxalt in the governor’s mansion. Laxalt is bought and paid for by his special interest donors, and has consistently put their agenda and their bottom line ahead of what’s best for everyday Nevadans. Throughout his short career, Laxalt has thrown Nevadans under the bus in order to do his donors’ bidding, protect a sexual predator, and push his extreme agenda. Voters want a governor who will put them first, which is why Democrats will fight to make sure Adam Laxalt doesn’t make it to the governor’s mansion this November.”