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Is Laxalt Really Investigating Antinoro’s Heinous Alleged Crimes?

In a letter sent Monday to Attorney General Adam Laxalt, Reno attorney Joey Gilbert enumerated a lengthy list of shocking crimes Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro may have committed, including perjury, sexual assault, and lewdness. Gilbert represents a Reno developer who asked Laxalt in April to investigate and publicly disavow Antinoro. The Nevada Independent reported this week that Laxalt’s staff have told multiple stakeholders in the investigation, including Gilbert, that they would not be investigating Antinoro despite Laxalt telling KLAS last week his office was looking at the case.

Here are the stunning crimes Antinoro may have committed that Laxalt has been asked to investigate:

  1. Did Antinoro perjure himself by lying about attempting to compel his lover into sexual encounters with other men, allegedly against her will?

Antinoro denied in a deposition for the lawsuit filed by his former deputy — who he was found by an independent investigation to have sexually harassed — that he ever attempted to force his lover to engage in sexual activity with other men. But two other witnesses testified that Antinoro, as well as his lover at the time, told them he had attempted to coerce her into such unwanted sexual activity.

  1. Did Antinoro perjure himself by lying about knowing why he was fired from the Transportation Services Authority?

In another lawsuit deposition, Antinoro testified that he didn’t know why he was fired from the Transportation Services Authority, but his longtime friend said in another deposition that Antinoro told him he was fired due to “differences in philosophy in running the organization.” Antinoro was let go after less than a year as the chief of enforcement; it was suspected that he misplaced cocaine evidence in a drug bust.

  1. Did Antinoro perjure himself by lying about sending sexual innuendos via text messages to his former female deputy?

In a deposition for the lawsuit brought by the former deputy, Antinoro denied any sexual innuendo in the text messages he sent to his former deputy. The independent investigation concluded that the text messages Antinoro sent were innuendo, leading the investigation to find that Antinoro sexually harassed his former deputy.

  1. Did Antinoro arrange a sexual encounter in which he allowed his girlfriend to be gang raped?

Two people close to Antinoro testified under oath that Antinoro’s girlfriend said she was gang raped in a setup orchestrated by Antinoro himself. Antinoro’s current undersheriff and close friend testified he did not investigate the accusation when it was brought to his attention.

  1. Did Antinoro instigate illegal sexual activity in Nevada strip clubs?

Antinoro’s undersheriff and longtime friend testified in a deposition that Antinoro frequented strip clubs with his then-girlfriend and instigated illegal exposure, lewdness, and sexual contact between his girlfriend and male patrons. Sex acts are strictly prohibited inside Nevada strip clubs.