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Duncan Defends His and Laxalt’s Support of Alleged Rapist Sheriff

Yesterday, Republican attorney general candidate Wes Duncan defended his and his former boss Adam Laxalt’s continued support of the alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser who’s endorsed their campaigns, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro.

Duncan told the Nevada Appeal that he couldn’t renounce Antinoro’s endorsement of his attorney general bid because it would show “bias” against Antinoro should he end up taking over an ongoing investigation into the sheriff. But Duncan thinks there’s no appearance of bias for he and Attorney General Laxalt to continue to tout Antinoro’s endorsement, and to be scheduled to campaign with him in Storey County last weekend.

Duncan, who left the attorney general’s office last year, also perpetuated Laxalt’s dubious claim that his office is investigating Antinoro, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Yesterday, The Nevada Independent reported that multiple people calling for an investigation believe Laxalt is not actually looking into the sheriff, despite confirming an ongoing probe to KLAS last week, which he then used to conveniently avoid renouncing the sheriff’s endorsement.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“It’s stunning that Wes Duncan thinks he can get away with appearing unbiased while continuing to tout Antinoro’s endorsement. Just as it’s completely inappropriate for Adam Laxalt to stand by a subject of his office’s criminal investigation, Nevadans can’t trust Duncan would be fair and impartial after the lengths to which he’s gone to protect his political ally, an alleged rapist and known serial harasser. Laxalt and Duncan dismiss the serious criticism against them as ‘political theatrics,’ but they are the ones playing politics with justice.”