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McConnell Throws Heller Under the Bus with August Recess Cancellation

Today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his decision to cancel the majority of the upcoming August recess to try and jam through more of his harmful Republican agenda. One person who definitely won’t be helped by McConnell’s political maneuvering is Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, the only vulnerable GOP senator up for re-election in 2018. Although after Heller’s latest comments from the campaign trail, can anyone blame McConnell for keeping him in Washington?

McConnell’s decision to throw Heller under the bus did not go unnoticed:

  • Washington Post: “The new August schedule is problematic for one vulnerable Republican: Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, who is facing reelection in a state Hillary Clinton won in 2016.”

  • BuzzFeed News: “Heller was one of 15 Republicans who wrote a letter to McConnell last month asking him to cancel recess. His office did not respond to a follow-up question, however, about how the decision would affect his ability to campaign, as his opponent Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen is free to do so.”

  • USA Today: “There is one Republican senator who could feel the heat from this decision, though: Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, who is considered the most vulnerable Republican up for re-election.”

  • @ShaneGoldmacher: With Flake and Corker retiring, the (lone?) Senate Republican potentially hurt by recess shortening is Dean Heller of NV.

  • @jonathanweisman: Poor Dean Heller. If the canceled August recess is really about keeping Democrats from campaigning for re-election, one particular Republican has to play sacrificial lamb.

  • @RalstonReports: “Poor Dean Heller.” How many times have we heard THAT this cycle?

  • @Robillard: watch as Mitch McConnell places Dean Heller gently under a speeding bus

  • @sam_baker: poor dean heller