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Hardy Still Silent on Consultant Charged with Domestic Violence, But Keeps Cash Flowing to His Former Firm

Republican Cresent Hardy can’t be bothered to condemn his former campaign consultant Ben Sparks, who’s been charged with domestic battery. But that hasn’t stopped him from cutting checks to Sparks’ former employer, RedRock Strategies, to the tune of $12,640 in the last reporting period. Sparks consulted for Hardy’s campaign until he was fired from RedRock Strategies after reports surfaced that he forced his ex-fiance into sex slavery, after which he immediately fled to Texas and hasn’t answered for the charges.

Hardy has refused multiple requests for comment from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and has been virtually absent from the campaign trail, avoiding having to answer for why he still hasn’t denounced a domestic abuser who was on his payroll.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Nevada women haven’t forgotten Cresent Hardy’s craven silence on his former employee’s abusive and deviant behavior, for which he is facing criminal charges. Denouncing a domestic abuser should be a very easy call for anyone, but for Hardy, it’s easier to stay in hiding than to stand with women. The pattern of Nevada Republicans standing by sexual predators is clearer than ever to voters, which is why they’ll make sure Hardy and the rest of his buddies who protect abusers lose at the voting booth this year.”