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Nevadans Say It’s “Not Right” That Laxalt, Duncan Tout Endorsement from Embattled Sheriff [KRNV]

Protesters gathered outside a campaign event for Republican statewide candidates Adam Laxalt, Wes Duncan, and Michael Roberson in Reno Saturday morning to call on Laxalt and Duncan to disavow the endorsement from embattled Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, an admitted sexual harasser and alleged rapist.

WATCH: “He’s allowing a sexual predator to endorse him….and that’s not right.”

Antinoro was scheduled to campaign with Laxalt and Duncan in Virginia City, NV on Saturday until he backed out of the event late last week. According to the AP, Laxalt’s campaign refused to say whether it was appropriate for Laxalt to appear with someone under investigation by his office, and his official staff declined to offer further details about his office’s investigation into Antinoro.

In a recent interview with Las Vegas’ 8 News Now, Laxalt dismissed the growing controversy surrounding his refusal to denounce the sheriff as “political theatrics” and revealed that his office is investigating Antinoro, but only because the case was referred to his office “a few weeks ago” and only to use the ongoing investigation as an excuse not to distance himself from Antinoro. Meanwhile, Duncan, Laxalt’s former deputy, continues to tout Antinoro’s endorsement of his campaign for attorney general.

An independent investigation found that Antinoro sexually harassed a former employee, who is now suing him, and Antinoro has received “numerous….more than 10” additional complaints of misconduct, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, from Storey County employees.