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NV Dems Call on Laxalt to Renounce Antinoro’s Endorsement as He Stumps in Storey County

Tomorrow, Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt will campaign in Storey County with other top Republicans on the 2018 ticket. Laxalt’s political ally and endorser, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, was scheduled to emcee the event until yesterday, when he backed out at the last minute due to the event getting “too big,” according to the host.

Surely Antinoro’s cancellation has nothing to do with the fact that his endorsee Laxalt has been under fire for refusing to disavow the alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser, who was found by an independent investigation to have sexually harassed his employee and has received “more than 10” other complaints of misconduct.

Earlier this week, Laxalt was pressed by Las Vegas’ KLAS on his continued silence amid the swirling controversy surrounding his endorser, Antinoro. Laxalt refused twice to distance himself from the sheriff in any way, citing an ongoing investigation in his office as requested by a Reno-area developer due to Antinoro’s lengthy rap sheet of misconduct. Laxalt dismissed criticism as “political theatrics” and said he wouldn’t “address the political side” until the investigation concludes, yet he continues to tout Antinoro’s endorsement of his political campaign and was scheduled to appear at the same political event with the sheriff.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“There’s no excuse for Adam Laxalt to continue his political association with an alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser whom his office is investigating. Nevadans have had enough of Laxalt’s bogus cop-outs — it’s time for him to show some integrity and make the incredibly easy decision to distance himself from a sexual abuser. While campaigning in Storey County tomorrow, Laxalt should disavow this sheriff and show Storey County women — and women across Nevada — that he stands with them over a longtime sexual predator.”