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While Gas Prices Soar in Nevada, Heller’s Big Oil Donors Raking in Tax Breaks & Massive New Profits

Hardworking Nevadans are being forced to pay more and more at the pump in recent weeks as local gas prices have soared above the national average.

  • KLAS: Gas prices hit $3.30 average in Southern Nevada [5/20/18]

  • KVVU: Las Vegas gas prices soar above national average [5/22/18]

  • KRNV: Gas prices will be even higher this summer [5/23/18]

Thanks in large part to those soaring gas prices, Big Oil companies are also raking in billions of dollars in massive new profits.

  • Axios: Big Oil is back to making billions [4/28/18]

At the same time, Big Oil has been getting a windfall from the massive tax break that Sen. Dean Heller and his GOP colleagues gifted them last year.

  • Pacific Standard: Inside the tax bill’s $25 billion oil company bonanza [3/27/18]

  • Houston Chronicle: Oil companies to reap windfall in tax cuts, but shareholders get the lion’s share [3/3/18]

  • Washington Examiner: Oil giants Exxon Mobil, Chevron win $8 billion windfall from GOP tax cuts [2/2/18]

  • Washington Post: The GOP tax plan is a windfall for oil and gas industry [12/21/17]

Unsurprisingly, Heller—who helped write the GOP tax scam that benefits wealthy corporate special interests at the expense of regular Nevadans—has also taken nearly a half a million dollars from Big Oil throughout his political career.

  • OpenSecrets.org: Oil & gas support for Heller since 2005 – $492,600

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“The Republican tax bill is proof that Sen. Heller will sell out Nevadans if it means giving a windfall to his corporate special interest donors. While gas prices are soaring in Nevada, Heller’s decision to deliver a massive tax giveaway to Big Oil is a reminder for voters that he cares more about campaign cash than helping his constituents make ends meet when they’re filling up at the pump.”