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BREAKING: Sandoval on Endorsing Laxalt: “We’ll See”

Today, Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval doubled down on his obvious disdain for fellow Republican Adam Laxalt’s gubernatorial bid. Asked if he’d endorse a successor at all, the governor replied, “I don’t know. We’ll see,” and reiterated his opposition to any candidate who campaigns on repealing his landmark bipartisan education investment, funded by a tax on businesses making over $4 million per year.

In February, Laxalt told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he “plan[s] on meeting with [Sandoval] in the next few weeks” about securing the governor’s support. But according to Sandoval today, he and Laxalt haven’t spoken about the attorney general’s gubernatorial bid at all.

Over the weekend, the NV Dems marked 100 days since Laxalt said he’d ask Sandoval for his endorsement with a list of reasons why the governor is still holding out. Could it be because Laxalt is bent on repealing Sandoval’s legacy bipartisan education investment, which Sandoval has said would “devastate” Nevada? Is it because Laxalt has repeatedly defied Sandoval in taking partisan legal actions on behalf of the state as attorney general? Or is it because Laxalt is bought and paid for by his special interest donors?

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt has tried to shield his extreme beliefs from Nevada voters, but clearly Governor Sandoval knows them well. The deep rift dividing the two Republicans exists because Sandoval knows Laxalt will take Nevada in the wrong direction on funding our schools, on protecting reproductive rights, and on keeping Nevada families together. Nevadans can clearly see what the governor sees in the attorney general, and will vote for moving Nevada forward by voting against Laxalt.”