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Laxalt, Duncan to Campaign with Antinoro Saturday After Failing to Investigate Him for Years

Today, The Nevada Independent reported that Attorney General Adam Laxalt and his former deputy Wes Duncan are set to campaign with their endorser, admitted sexual harasser and alleged rapist Sheriff Gerald Antinoro in Storey County this Saturday.

In an interview yesterday with Las Vegas’ 8 News Now, Laxalt dismissed the growing controversy surrounding his refusal to denounce the sheriff as “political theatrics” and revealed that his office is investigating Antinoro, but only because the case was referred to his office “a few weeks ago” and only to use the ongoing investigation as an excuse not to distance himself from Antinoro.

But Antinoro’s misconduct has been public knowledge since at least 2016, when citizens successfully petitioned to recall him over his demonstrated pattern of sexual predation and unethical conduct, including findings from an independent investigation that concluded he sexually harassed his employee. The recall election was held in April 2017, and failed by less than 300 votes.

Laxalt and Duncan, who served as Laxalt’s first deputy until last September, failed to investigate Antinoro’s conduct despite it being public knowledge while they were both in the attorney general’s office. Duncan continues to tout Antinoro’s endorsement of his campaign for attorney general, and Laxalt just last night refused an opportunity to denounce the endorsement he’s received from the embattled sheriff.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Real leaders don’t need an invitation to seek justice for victims. Laxalt doesn’t wait to be asked before embroiling Nevada in countless partisan lawsuits across the country, and he and Duncan shouldn’t have to wait to be asked to investigate a sheriff who’s received countless allegations of sexual abuse from women, spanning many years. The fact that they continue to campaign with this sexual predator — who’s under investigation by Laxalt’s office — is appalling and insulting to Nevada women.”