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Five Questions Adam Laxalt Didn’t Want to Answer Tonight on Live TV

Tonight, instead of debating his Republican opponents on live TV as originally planned, gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt will answer questions on his record and positions in a 12 minute, pre-recorded interview on Las Vegas’ 8 News NOW.

Since Laxalt dodged the only scheduled TV debate before the primary, voters won’t get to see how he stacks up to his Republican opponents before casting their ballots on June 12th. Given that Laxalt rarely gives interviews, has refused to debate any of his opponents, and routinely dodges questions from voters and reporters, it’s no surprise he’s too afraid to take the stage as planned tonight.

Here are five questions Laxalt was too scared answer in a live debate tonight:

  1. Why hasn’t he denounced Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, whose endorsement he still touts on his website, and who has been accused of rape, has received “numerous” complaints of misconduct from subordinates, and who admitted to sexually harassing a former employee, who’s now suing him?

  2. How would he fund his education plan while cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from classrooms if he has no idea how the education budget works or how he’d make up the funding gap?

  3. Why has he used the attorney general’s office to block women’s access to reproductive health care across the country and would he support additional restrictions on access to abortion in Nevada?

  4. Will he commit to continuing Gov. Brian Sandoval’s Medicaid expansion at the current level since he opposed the governor’s decision to expand Medicaid?

  5. Why hasn’t he stood up for Nevada’s legal marijuana industry when he had the chance to advocate for banking access for Nevada’s marijuana businesses and fight the Department of Justice’s attempt to interfere in our voter-approved industry?

Pre-taped individual interviews with the Republican gubernatorial candidates will be live streamed HERE at 6:00 PM PT.