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How Much is Laxalt Afraid of Tough Questions? Enough to Dodge Debate Two Weeks Before Primary

Once again, Attorney General Adam Laxalt finds a way to avoid answering tough questions in an unscripted setting without his handlers around to rush in and save him from an embarrassing moment. Today, The Nevada Independent reported that the only televised Republican gubernatorial debate before the June 12th primary has been cancelled, leaving voters with no opportunity to see the Republican gubernatorial candidates debate each other and take tough questions about their records and the issues before the primary.

The Nevada Independent took note of Laxalt’s consistent avoidance of interviews and debates, saying “[Laxalt] rarely makes himself available for extended interviews, and Schwartz has criticized him for not accepting invitations to debates issued by the Republican Jewish Coalition and talk radio hosts Alan Stock and Kevin Wall.”

Two of Laxalt’s primary opponents, Dan Schwartz and Jared Fisher, raised the question of whether Laxalt’s campaign had something to do with the last-minute debate cancellation. Laxalt’s team did not return a request for comment.

When the famously media-avoidant Republican has been confronted by tough questions from voters and reporters in the past, his M.O. is to ignore and walk away. From the very start of his campaign, Laxalt has been defined by his being “whooshed away by cocooning staff” and giving only very brief interviews. At an extreme disservice to voters, Laxalt is doing everything he can to avoid answering tough questions, employing a variety of ducks and dodges to hide from Nevadans. Unfortunately for Laxalt, we’re keeping track of the views he’s trying to hide from voters on AskLaxalt.com.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“This is a new low for Adam Laxalt. The truth is, he can’t handle taking tough questions and debating his opponents because he’s not able to give straightforward, truthful answers without revealing his extreme right-wing views and unpreparedness for the job. Laxalt may think he can coast to the governor’s mansion by hiding from voters and the media for the next several months, but Nevadans won’t be fooled by his inartful dodges. Nevadans want a governor who’s not afraid to tackle the tough issues, and it’s clear to voters across the state that Laxalt is simply not ready for prime time.”