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100 Days Later: With So Many Reasons, Can You Guess Why Gov Sandoval Hasn’t Endorsed Laxalt?

Today marks 100 days since Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt said he “plan[s] to ask” for the endorsement of his fellow Republican, outgoing Governor Brian Sandoval, but Sandoval is still holding out — and for many good reasons.

Nevada voters are left wondering which of those reasons is hurting Laxalt the most. Could it be because Laxalt is bent on repealing Sandoval’s legacy bipartisan education investment, which Sandoval has said would “devastate” Nevada? Is it because Laxalt has repeatedly defied Sandoval in taking partisan legal actions on behalf of the state as attorney general? Or is it because Laxalt is bought and paid for by his special interest donors?

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“From campaigning on policies that would decimate education funding to opposing health care coverage for thousands of Nevadans, Adam Laxalt is giving Gov. Sandoval, and all Nevada voters, plenty of reasons to not endorse his campaign. Each day on the campaign trail, Laxalt proves again how he is bought and paid for by his special interest donors and dangerously extreme for Nevada. If the last 100 days have shown us anything, it’s that Laxalt will have a hard time tricking Nevada voters into forgetting about his extreme record when he asks for their vote in November.”

Here are some more reasons why Laxalt hasn’t earned Sandoval’s support. Can you pick your favorite?

EDUCATION: Sandoval blasted Laxalt’s proposal to repeal the Commerce Tax, the bipartisan education investment he championed himself, and said it disqualifies Laxalt from earning his endorsement.

REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: Sandoval is pro-choice, but Laxalt has spent his time as attorney general using the state to try and block access to abortion — in some cases, without consulting Sandoval.

HEALTH CARE: Sandoval has stood against Trump’s attempts to sabotage Nevada’s health care system, while Laxalt ignored a request to stand up for Nevada and has opposed expanding access to health care for Nevadans.

IMMIGRATION: Laxalt defied Sandoval in challenging Pres. Obama’s executive action on immigration, and failed to join Sandoval in speaking up to protect DACA when Trump unilaterally ended it.

LGBT EQUALITY: Laxalt has stood firmly against marriage equality and equality for transgender students in contrast with Sandoval.

ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT: Sandoval panned Laxalt’s decision to file an amicus brief against Pres. Obama’s Clean Power Plan, saying Laxalt was “simply offering his legal opinion,” and dismissed Laxalt’s lawsuit on protections for the sage grouse as “not represent[ing] the state of Nevada, the governor, or any state agencies.”

NEVADA’S GAMING INDUSTRY: Sandoval criticized Laxalt’s support of a bill written by Sheldon Adelson’s lobbyists that would outlaw online gaming and expressed concern that the attorney general “would speak out against current state law in our leading industry.”