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Laxalt, Roberson, Duncan Are DC Gun Lobby’s Picks to Push Their Agenda in Nevada

Today, the NRA endorsed and gave top marks to Republican statewide candidates Adam Laxalt for governor, Michael Roberson for lieutenant governor, and Wes Duncan for attorney general.

Laxalt received an A+ from the NRA, the highest possible rating. In a press release, the NRA praised Laxalt for choosing to “publicly stand” with them — except, of course when Laxalt hid from the NRA’s annual convention earlier this month after fumbling his response to disappearing from the event page after the Parkland, FL shooting.

Despite skipping this year’s confab, Laxalt is clearly still the gun lobby’s darling. Called a “wind-up toy for the NRA” by the Las Vegas Sun, Laxalt was a main stage speaker at last year’s NRA confab — the only state attorney general to receive such a coveted slot. Laxalt supported the NRA’s campaign to block a ballot measure to expand background checks — even recording ads for the group — and has been in the hot seat for refusing to work to enforce the measure that most Nevadans approved.

While serving in the Nevada legislature, Roberson and Duncan both voted against a background check bill that would make it harder for people with adjudicated mental illnesses to obtain firearms.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Adam Laxalt, Michael Roberson, and Wes Duncan are the Washington, DC gun lobby’s chosen candidates because throughout their careers, these Republican politicians have done everything they can to push the gun lobby’s agenda onto Nevadans, even when it means thwarting the will of the voters or putting public safety second. Nevadans want leaders who will fight to keep them safe from gun violence, not puppets like Laxalt, Roberson, and Duncan who take their marching orders from the gun lobby instead of the people they’re elected to represent.”