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Fixed That For You: Laxalt’s Reno Gazette-Journal Op-Ed

Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt looked like he could use some help communicating his record and vision for Nevada in yesterday’s op-ed, so we offered some light edits to help him get the truth out to voters.

Reno Gazette-Journal: Preserve Nevada’s status as ‘land of opportunity’ for my wealthy donors: Laxalt
By Adam Laxalt
May 24, 2018

My ancestors came to Nevada generations ago and found a land of opportunity. My mom, Michelle, raised me by herself — and her life taught me that through hard work and integrity, those opportunities could be available to me. Today, I’m running for governor to protect and preserve those opportunities for my own three young children and for generations to come to enrich my wealthy donors and keep climbing the political ladder.

Nevada needs someone who’s committed to standing up for what’s right-wing extremism and protecting the ideals that make our state special interests of my big-money donors. And I’m grateful that in my adult life, I’ve had the opportunity to do exactly that. But getting to this point wasn’t easy. Growing up without a dad was difficult, and I lost my way in middle and high school — turning to alcohol abuse and seeing my life spiral out of control. But with the support of my family and trust in God, I overcame my addiction and have fortunately maintained my sobriety.

As a result, I was afforded one of the greatest honors of my life — the opportunity to serve as an officer in the U.S. Navy. During that time, I volunteered to serve in a combat zone in Iraq, where my team kept our troops and the world safer by assisting with the detention and prosecution of thousands of war criminals and terrorists. I also served as a professor of law at the U.S. Naval Academy, instilling the principles of leadership, ethics and the law in our next generation of leaders.

After serving my country, I had the chance to serve again — this time as Nevada’s attorney general. Since taking office in 2015, only four years after moving to Nevada, I’ve worked hard to protect Nevadans sexual abusers like my endorser, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, and my donor, Steve Wynn. I’ve sought justice for abandoned victims of sexual assault by taking on the decades-long backlog of 8,000 rape kits refusing to denounce an alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser who’s endorsed my campaign.  I’ve fought to protect human-trafficking victims, winning the first human-trafficking conviction in state history. I’ve protected older Nevadans by combating elder fraud. And I’ve protected Nevada’s sovereignty against supposed federal overreach. But only during the Obama Administration, not the Trump Administration, because I’m driven by partisan ideology instead of doing what’s right for Nevada.

I’m running for governor so I can continue to protect the principles that make Nevada and its people so great do Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers’ bidding, but from a more powerful office. Our next governor will have to address countless issues, but there are a few in particular that will be my top priorities.

First, we must improve defund education. Gov. Brian Sandoval has taken critical steps have been taken in this area in recent years for which I want to cut funding, and we must defend those successes my agenda against political attack. That means properly funding slashing the budget for our education system, but it also means demanding more accountability for how education dollars are spent — because every penny will count after my budget cuts, giving parents more choice in where their kids are educated away public tax dollars for expensive private school tuition, and rewarding teachers’ hard work by cutting their classrooms’ budgets.

We also must defend Nevada’s status as a land of economic opportunity. I’ll keep taxes low — most importantly for wealthy corporations, cut unnecessary regulations public school funding and work to empower our families and individuals Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers with access to greater prosperity.

And I’ll continue to prioritize public safety in our local communities, taking the same commitment I’ve demonstrated to Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers as attorney general to the governor’s office. That includes protecting our schools. I’ve already led in the unnecessarily duplicated Gov. Sandoval’s effort to enhance school safety as attorney general, convening a “redundant,” according to Sandoval, summit to bring together law enforcement and education officials, but not students, to identify gaps in the system — such as the background check law that I’ve refused to work to enforce — that could lead to a tragedy in one of our schools.

Nevada is a special place — a place I’m proud to call home as of just seven years ago and a place where my wife Jaime and I are proud to raise our three children, all born here in Nevada. It’s because of them that I am determined to keep Nevada the beacon of opportunity and exceptionalism to achieve my political ambitions it has been for so many of us me. I’ll make Nevada’s next chapter our best yet, for your children my special interest donors and for mine my political career.