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Report: Heller Praised Trump Move to Save Him From Difficult GOP Primary As “The Best Decision He Had Made As President”

Dean Heller’s GOP colleagues continue to leak to the press about everything Nevada’s senator did to embarrass himself during last week’s Capitol Hill luncheon with President Trump. It turns out that Heller didn’t just heap praise on Trump and plead for help with his re-election instead of asking a real question. According to The Washington Post, he also effusively praised the President for interfering in his primary earlier this year. Heller also recently told the Associated Press that “[t]he president did me a big favor” by coming to the rescue in his primary before the candidate filing deadline.

  • Washington Post: “An effusive Heller lavished praise on Trump in the Senate Republican luncheon at the Capitol last week, as Trump made a winking reference to how he cleared the path forward for Heller by urging Tarkanian to step aside, according to two senators who attended the lunch. Heller responded in kind, telling Trump that was the best decision he had made as president, one of the senators recalled.”

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“As Sen. Heller’s own Republican colleagues continue to embarrass the most vulnerable senator in their caucus, Heller’s self-serving political pandering to President Trump behind closed doors proves that he’s in this for himself. Instead of being an advocate for Nevadans, Heller decided once again to suck up to President Trump and put his political career first.”