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Laxalt and Duncan Have “Run Away” From Sheriff Antinoro Controversy

Today on KNPR’s State of Nevada, longtime Nevada journalist Jon Ralston, editor of The Nevada Independent, lambasted Republican statewide candidates Adam Laxalt and Wes Duncan for their continued silence as the controversy surrounding their supporter, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, gets worse. We agree with Ralston — why haven’t Laxalt and Duncan said anything in response to the ballooning scandal regarding their support from a predatory sheriff with a history of sexual misconduct?

Ralston: There are pictures of Laxalt with this guy, and he has said nothing…You would think that you would want to make some kind of comment, “I stand by this sheriff” [or] “I’m very disturbed” at the very least.

Instead, he’s done what he usually does when difficult questions come, and that is that he’s hidden. Our Riley Snyder reported that Wes Duncan deleted a tweet that had that sheriff in it, but they both have essentially run away from this issue. Let’s see where this goes. It could end up being a problem for them.

Laxalt and Duncan have failed to renounce the endorsement of the embattled sheriff, who has been accused of rape and is being sued for sexual harassment by a former employee after an independent investigation found that he violated county sexual harassment policies. Nearly two months ago, Attorney General Laxalt was asked to investigate Antinoro for sexual harassment and to “immediately and publicly” withdraw any support of Antinoro.

Since then, Laxalt has dodged the issue entirely, even turning his back and walking away from a voter last week who tried to ask him why he stands by this sheriff. Duncan, too, has refused to distance himself from his political ally, joining Laxalt in continuing to tout the sheriff’s endorsement on his campaign website.

Listen to the full clip here.