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After Humiliating Capitol Hill Lunch with Trump, Heller Claims He “Didn’t Have a Lot of Time to Advocate for Specific Issues”

In a brief interview with KLAS reporter Patrick Walker, GOP Sen. Dean Heller discussed his humiliating luncheon last week with Senate Republicans and President Trump. In response to a question about whether he’d advocated for Nevada-specific funding, Heller claimed that he “didn’t have a lot of time to advocate for specific issues”… but multiple news reports show that he did have plenty of time to heap praise on the President, attack the media, and advocate for himself.

What Heller said happened:


WALKER: You mentioned that a lot of topics were on the table. Anything that you had a chance to advocate for back here in Nevada that you’d like to see more funding for?

HELLER: Well, you know, there were only two questions. I was able to ask one of them to the President at lunch yesterday and I was very specific on the ability to fund this government, keep it open, and let’s get our job done by September 30th. I didn’t have a lot of time to advocate for specific issues, it was the 30,000-foot question and that is let’s do this budget, let’s do it right, let’s work here until we have to, and if we don’t, frankly, we shouldn’t be paid after September 30th because, frankly, we haven’t done our job. No, I didn’t get into specific funding issues for specific items just, frankly, let’s get the job done.

What ACTUALLY happened behind closed doors: