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Laxalt Admits He Has No Plan for Funding Schools without Commerce Tax

Yesterday, at a Republican Men’s Club event in Reno, gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt finally admitted he has no plan for making up the hundreds of millions of dollars Nevada’s public schools would lose if he repeals the Commerce Tax, a bipartisan education funding initiative championed by Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval.

According to the AP, Laxalt “said he hasn’t yet decided how to offset what would be the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue but pledged there would be no cuts in overall education spending if he’s elected.”

But Laxalt knows his position on education funding is getting him in hot water with voters, so he asked attendees at the luncheon to “fight back” and defend his intent to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from public schools. One way to fight back would be to present an alternative funding plan — but Laxalt blew that chance when he admitted today he has no idea how to make up the money he wants to cut from the education budget.

Laxalt has been crusading against Gov. Sandoval’s education investment his whole campaign, which has caused the governor, who supported Laxalt’s bid for attorney general in 2014, to decline to endorse him this year.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Laxalt finally admitted what everyone already knows — he has no idea how he’d fund education while cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from schools’ budgets. It’s becoming clearer by the day that Laxalt is unprepared to govern the state. At a time when our schools are in desperate need of funding, Nevada’s students can’t afford a governor who’s playing guessing games with their future.”