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Heller Ignores Nevadans, Votes Against Saving Net Neutrality

Today, Republican Sen. Dean Heller refused to join a bipartisan group of senators voting to overturn the FCC’s troubling decision to repeal net neutrality rules designed to protect consumers. Heller didn’t just refuse to work across the aisle with Democrats and reasonable Republicans in the Senate—he ignored Nevada leaders like Gov. Brian Sandoval, State Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford, and Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson who have all voiced their support for net neutrality.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Heller let Nevadans down on this issue… especially since campaign donations from corporate special interests are on the line. A little over a year ago, Heller was also a deciding vote to help pass a Republican bill that rolled back privacy rules to protect personal internet data.

Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Sen. Heller had an opportunity to stand up for Nevadans and save net neutrality, but instead he once again sided with the telecom industry at our expense. Nevada voters deserve an explanation for why Sen. Heller ignored the will of his constituents who don’t want internet service providers blocking or slowing down websites.”