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REMINDER: Danny Tarkanian and Cresent Hardy Support Storing Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain

Today, the House of Representatives voted to fund the nuclear waste facility at Yucca Mountain, just 90 miles outside of Las Vegas. This facility, and the transportation of thousands of tons of nuclear waste material across the county to be dumped in Nevada, endangers our families’ safety, our environment, and our economy. And Danny Tarkanian and Cresent Hardy have been in favor of it every step of the way.

Nevada Democratic Party Executive Director Alana Mounce released the following statement:

“Danny Tarkanian and Cresent Hardy have been leading the charge for this dangerous and unnecessary project that would make Nevada the dumping ground for the rest of the country’s nuclear waste. Nevada voters will dump them like last week’s radioactive waste this November.”


  • In 2016, Hardy called Yucca “a perfect site” for storing nuclear waste — “it’s the safest place anywhere.”

  • When he was elected to Congress in 2014, Hardy became “the first Nevada member of Congress in recent history to declare himself open to a Yucca repository,” saying “I don’t think there’s a better place” for storing nuclear waste than at Yucca in Nevada.

  • Just this month, Tarkanian issued a statement in support of the Trump Administration’s plan to revive Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste depository, and criticized those against it. Tarkanian called Yucca “important to Nevada” and said reviving the site would bring “a more prosperous future” for the state.

  • Tarkanian has been a supporter of storing nuclear waste at Yucca for years. In 2012, during one of the previous elections Tarkanian lost, he encouraged nuclear dumping at Yucca to “diversify [Nevada’s] economy.” And in 2010, Tarkanian called Yucca an “ideal” location for spent nuclear fuel.