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As House Republicans Push Forward, Heller Fails on Yucca Mountain

House Republicans—led by Sen. Dean Heller’s BFF, GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy—passed a bill today intended to revive the Yucca Mountain project and make Nevada a nuclear waste dumping ground.

Nevada’s senior senator has a long history of actions related to Yucca Mountain that demonstrate his willingness to sell out his home state when it’s convenient. He’s been voting for and endorsing presidential candidates who are pro-Yucca, voting for Cabinet-level nominees who are actively supporting new Yucca funding, and raising money from corporate special interest groups that support the nuclear waste repository site. But that’s not all—you can take a trip down memory lane here.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“Thanks to Sen. Heller’s Republican allies, Congress is trying to turn our state into a dumping ground for nuclear waste—a catastrophe that would put Nevadans’ safety and our tourism industry at risk. After all the different times Sen. Heller has allied himself with Yucca Mountain proponents and failed his constituents on this issue, it’s hard to see why Nevadans should continue trusting him to take the lead on stopping this project.”