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Where’s Adam? Laxalt Skips Gubernatorial Forum, Won’t Explain Why

Last night, three of the top four candidates for governor from both parties gathered in Las Vegas at a gubernatorial forum sponsored by Nevadans for the Common Good, a coalition of faith-based and nonprofit groups. The hopefuls took questions and shared their views on important issues like Medicaid expansion, school funding, affordable housing, and public transportation.

The only candidate who was missing? Republican attorney general Adam Laxalt. Surely Laxalt must have had another really important engagement to skip out on the chance to take voters’ questions and talk about the issues, right? Oh, wait.

“Laxalt campaign spokesman Andy Matthews did not respond to questions about Laxalt’s whereabouts Tuesday(AP)

“[Laxalt’s] campaign spokesman did not respond to a request for comment. In response to a request for comment on Laxalt’s decision not to attend, campaign spokesman Andy Matthews said Laxalt has been to every single county and is focused on the primary. He did not answer a question Tuesday about whether Laxalt had a scheduling conflict.” (Las Vegas Sun)

Laxalt’s opponents from both parties slammed him for failing to show up, calling his absence “disrespectful” and “appalling.” But despite constant criticism, Laxalt is showing no signs of overcoming his fear of facing voters and the media, letting his ducks and dodges define his gubernatorial bid. Unfortunately for Laxalt, we’re keeping track of the views he’s trying to hide from voters.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“It’s painfully obvious that Adam Laxalt’s ‘scheduling conflict’ was really just a flimsy alibi to avoid discussing the issues face to face with Nevadans. Laxalt’s lame excuses can’t hide who he really is — a wholly unqualified politician devoid of any real ideas for how to move our state forward.”