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NV Dems Register Voters in Every State Senate District

Last month, the Nevada State Democratic Party successfully held organizing events in every senate district in the state. Through coordinated voter registration efforts throughout the state, Democrats out-registered Republicans in the month of April and widened their registration advantage to 61,629.

The Nevada State Democratic Party is committed to electing Democrats up and down the ticket who will put hardworking Nevadans first. Building off our huge success in 2016, this year, the state party is redoubling our voter registration efforts, recruiting more volunteers to meet voters where they are, and turning out more Nevadans to the polls to win in November.

Nevada State Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign Director Peter Mellinger released the following statement:

“From U.S. Senate to State Assembly, Nevadans are excited to elect Democrats in every corner of the state come November, and our team is working hard to empower them. With so much at stake, our team is organizing at a community level and meeting folks where they are to get them registered to vote, informed on the issues, and into the voting booth. I’m proud of our team’s hard work in the month of April, but we’re just getting started. Our team is going to continue to organize locally and build volunteer teams across the state from here through Election Day in order to ensure we elect more Democrats leaders up and down the ballot.”

Click here to see more photos from each senate district.