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NV Dems File Records Requests on Laxalt and Antinoro’s Correspondence

Today, the NV Dems filed public records requests with the Office of the Attorney General and the Storey County Sheriff’s Office to learn more about Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt’s and his former First Assistant Wes Duncan’s relationship with disgraced Storey County sheriff Gerald Antinoro, whose endorsement Laxalt and Duncan still tout on their websites.

A 2016 independent investigation found that Antinoro sexually harassed a former employee, who was fired from her job in the sheriff’s office after filing her complaint. According to a deposition, Antinoro has exhibited a pattern of misconduct since first getting elected sheriff in 2010. A county official describes “numerous….more than 10” complaints filed against Antinoro, including sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination. In 2014, a woman filed a police report accusing Antinoro of raping her while in uniform. Antinoro has not received any disciplinary action from Storey County as a result of these reports, but Nevada law allows the attorney general to intervene in matters related to county-level public officials.

The NV Dems requested the following information:

  • Correspondence to or from the Attorney General’s Office regarding, mentioning, or with Antinoro

  • Correspondence to or from the Storey County Sheriff’s Office regarding, mentioning, or with Laxalt or his former first assistant attorney general, Wes Duncan

  • Copies from the Storey County Sheriff’s Office of any and all formal complaints filed against Antinoro

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Attorney General Laxalt and his former deputy, Wes Duncan, have continued to advertise the endorsement of this disgraced sheriff even as more and more disturbing facts about his misconduct are revealed. Nevada voters deserve to know the extent of Antinoro’s inappropriate and unlawful behavior, and why Laxalt continues to protect this serial sexual predator instead of seeking justice for his victims.”