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Heller, Vulnerable Republicans Turn Down the Volume on the GOP Tax Scam

Sen. Dean Heller and his fellow Republicans running in tight races seem to be starting to shy away from their disastrous tax plan. Since their unpopular tax bill is a giveaway to the wealthy and giant corporations with disastrous implications for the national debt and health care costs, it should come as no surprise for Republicans that it’s not the electoral life preserver they were hoping for in 2018.

Today, Reuters reports that Heller has dialed back his tax bill messaging 44 percent since the end of January… maybe it’s time for him to listen to Mitch McConnell on this one and find another line of work. Either way, Nevada voters will be showing Heller the door come November.

Reuters: Republicans in key election races turn down volume on Trump’s tax cuts

The most vulnerable Republican incumbents in the tightest congressional races in the November elections are talking less and less about the tax cuts on Twitter and Facebook, on their campaign and congressional websites and in digital ads, the vital tools of a modern election campaign, a Reuters analysis of their online utterances shows.


Dean Heller, 2018’s most vulnerable Republican senator, has been far and away the most aggressive on tax messaging…But even his communications have dropped by 44 percent since the end of January.