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Roberson and Laxalt Reach New Heights of Hypocrisy in Ridiculous Ad

Republican Michael Roberson will say or do anything to win his primary for lieutenant governor. In a hypocritical new ad, Roberson grandstands about banning gifts from lobbyists, yet he was one of a handful of Nevada politicians who happily accepted comped NASCAR tickets from lobbyists for an event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2014 and didn’t disclose them as a gift. This came right after Roberson opposed a bill to close special tax loopholes for the Speedway.

Roberson couldn’t have picked a worse validator on this issue than bought-and-paid-for gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt. “No more buying access,” boasts the attorney general who was caught on tape trying to get the Gaming Control Board chairman to intervene in a civil lawsuit against his biggest donor, billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. But instead of slamming Laxalt for doing favors for his wealthy patron, Roberson launched into a shameless character assassination of Chairman Burnett and accused him of colluding with Democrats to smear Laxalt.

And while Roberson and Laxalt are united in spreading duplicitous claims about their defense of transparency, they’re definitely not always on the same page. Laxalt has pledged to repeal a key education funding measure that Roberson helped pass, and which he continues to vigorously defend to this day.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“I’m not sure what’s more laughable — the fact that Roberson has special interest puppet Laxalt denouncing ‘buying access,’ or the fact that the dynamic duo continues to ignore the elephant in the room, Laxalt’s pledge to repeal the education investment Roberson championed. It doesn’t take guts for Roberson to pull a cheap stunt to distract from his own unethical behavior, but it does take guts for him to expect voters to take anything he and Laxalt say seriously.”